Largest Life Insurance Companies in Texas 2022

Best life insurance companies, brokers, agents in Texas 2022

Largest Life Insurance Companies in Texas 2022

Below is a table of the largest life insurance companies in Texas 2022 by market share and premiums.

1Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company$718,300,724
2Metropolitan Life Insurance Company$698,934,966
3New York Life Insurance Company$638,020,492
4Lincoln National Life Insurance Company$508,823,833
5Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company$445,376,155
6State Farm Life Insurance Company$443,917,333
7Pacific Life Insurance Company$442,523,203
8Transamerica Life Insurance Company$356,791,263
9Minnesota Life Insurance Company$356,700,880
10Pruco Life Insurance Company$342,894,388
11American General Life Insurance Company$319,863,512
12Prudential Insurance Company of America$286,568,894
13John Hancock Life Insurance Company (U.S.A.)$254,981,992
14United of Omaha Life Insurance Company$221,477,845
15Primerica Life Insurance Company$218,880,845
16Guardian Life Insurance Company of America$204,920,114
17Farmers New World Life Insurance Company$202,191,087
18American National Insurance Company$190,733,647
19Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company$179,870,422
20Unum Life Insurance Company of America$179,768,689
21Dearborn Life Insurance Company$161,492,197
22Life Insurance Company of The Southwest$158,278,366
23Life Insurance Company of North America$148,319,574
24USAA Life Insurance Company$147,049,164
25New York Life Insurance and Annuity Corporation$143,950,802
26Nationwide Life and Annuity Insurance Company$135,295,156
27Brighthouse Life Insurance Company$131,874,779
28Protective Life Insurance Company$130,171,643
29Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company$124,211,250
30Equitable Financial Life Insurance Company$113,358,873
31Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America$111,703,488
32Reliastar Life Insurance Company$111,060,288
33American Memorial Life Insurance Company$104,784,265
34Lincoln Benefit Life Company$100,046,609
35Midland National Life Insurance Company$94,598,068
36Principal Life Insurance Company$93,250,343
37Lincoln Life Assurance Company of Boston$92,926,300
38CMFG Life Insurance Company$90,585,919
39Connecticut General Life Insurance Company$89,702,346
40Riversource Life Insurance Company$89,647,444
Largest life insurance companies in Texas

Source: Texas DOI Top life companies based on written premiums and market share 2020

What to Look for When Choosing A Life Insurance Company in Texas

  1. Price- Life insurance is on of the few products can you purchase based on the lowest price. This is because life insurance is on of most regulated industries in America. As long as choose an insurer that is in the Excellent or Superior category from A.M. Best, then you can have the peace of mind the policy will be there to pay out any valid claims in the future.
  2. Financial Rating- Always look at a life insurance companies A.M. Best rating and only choose one with that is in Excellent or Superior category.
  3. Underwriting- Each life insurance has their own underwriting guidelines. age, height and weight, cholesterol readings, blood pressure readings (systolic and diastolic), family history, travel, hobbies (such as scuba diving) and many other factors. Make sure you are receiving the best rate for your health and lifestyle by comparing rates from multiple carriers.

Texas Life Insurance Company Ratings 2022

While it’s important to choose a life insurance company that is large and has sizable market share, it’s also important to look at the life insurers financial ratings. More specifically, to look at the ratings from the preeminent rating agency A.M. Best. A great rule of this is to choose an insurer with an ‘Excellent’ or ‘Superior’ rating. Complete list of the life insurance ratings 2022.

Texas Life Insurance Company Rates 2022

Which life insurance companies will have has the lowest rates for residents in Texas 2022? Use our instant quote engine to compare rates instantly from the largest carriers for any coverage amount and policy length. Prices are in order from least to most.

Need More Information?

Take a look at the Life Insurance Guide from the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI).

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