$750,000 No Exam Life Insurance

$750k No Exam Life Insurance

Are you looking for a life insurance policy without an exam but still at a rate similar to a policy with an exam? The good news is now there are several companies that offer up to $750,000 no exam life insurance.

What has changed? Most companies that offer no exam life insurance over $500,000 are either awfully expensive or are very difficult to qualify for the no exam option. In fact, for the companies that offer accelerated underwriting such as Prudential, Lincoln and Principal, only about 45% to 55% qualify for the no exam option. That is why being able to qualify for $750k no exam life insurance at rates that are competitive with fully underwritten policies is almost unheard of.

Due to the demand this year with Covid-19 for no medical exam in-person visits, two of the best companies for non medical exam life insurance policies have increased their limits. Previously, they to used to offer up to $500,000 no exam life insurance but have now increased their limits to $750,000! These are ‘Excellent’ rated by A.M. Best companies, and their rates are on par with fully underwritten policies and many times even less than fully underwritten policies with companies such as New York Life, State Farm or Primerica.

How to qualify for $750k no exam life insurance

1. Compare rates and choose a company

Receive quotes to see which company will offer the best rate.

2. Complete the telephone interview

Complete the phone interview in place of the medical exam.

3. Underwriting

The underwriter will review the application.

4. Policy Delivery

Once approved, the policy will be emailed to review, e-sign and activate the policy.

$750,000 no exam life insurance policy cost

Below are the available rates for a male at the preferred plus health class for a $750,000 no exam term life insurance policy.

Age10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term25 Year Term30 Year Term
30$17 month$19 month$26 month$40 month$44 month
35$18 month$21 month$29 month$48 month$52 month
40$24 month$31 month$37 month$69 month$75 month
45$38 month$53 month$70 month$110 month$118 month
50$60 month$85 month$114 month$175 month$201 month
55$104 month$146 month$222 monthNANA
60$196 month$251 monthNANANA
$750,000 no exam life insurance rates by age

$750,000 life insurance no exam vs $750,000 life insurance with exam

Below are the rates for a 45 year old male, preferred plus health class on a 20 year term. The policies that will never require a medical exam or in-person interview are highlighted in blue.

Banner Life Insurance Company: $66 month (lowest rate in country)

AIG-American General Life Insurance: $68 month

Savings Bank Life Insurance Company: $69 month (no exam)

Sagicor Life Insurance Company: $70 month (no exam)

Transamerica Life Insurance Company: $71 month

John Hancock Life Insurance Company: $74 month

Prudential Life Insurance Company: $78 month

Northwestern Mutual: $80 month

MassMutual: $81 month

New York Life Insurance Company: $95 month

As you can see from the rates above, many of those rates for $750k life insurance without an exam, are less than fully underwritten policies.

$750,000 no exam underwriting requirements

Savings Bank Life Insurance- (SBLI)

Financial Rating: A (Excellent) A.M. Best

Year Founded: 1907

Ages: 18-60 years old

Health Classes: All rate classes available- Preferred Plus, Preferred, Standard Plus, Standard

Products: Level term life insurance and whole life insurance

How it works: seamless digital process from start to finish. No in-person medical exam or fluid collection is required; instead a tele-med interview is conducted to complete an application, which can be signed electronically by the client. Upon issue, the client is able to accept and pay for the policy entirely online.

Sagicor Life Insurance Company

Financial Rating: A- (Excellent) A.M. Best

Year Founded: 1840

Ages: 18-55 years old

Products: Level term life insurance 10, 15, 20 years

How it works: Their no exam process is an automated underwriting system that utilizes an e-Application. In most instances, can provide an underwriting decision within minutes with no medical exams, bodily fluids, medical records, or telephone interview required. In some cases, additional requirements may be requested.

$750,000 ($750k) no exam life insurance policy- wrap up

Securing a $750k ($750,000) no medical exam life insurance policy at rates comparable to a life insurance policy with an exam is now available. In the past, the rates for $750k life insurance without a paramed exam were extremely expensive, very difficult to qualify for or would require a medical exam eventually. Now, many can secure three quarters of a million dollars of life insurance with no in-person medical exam or fluid collection. Again, the best of all, now the rates are similar or in many cases less than other companies polices that require an exam. Securing a policy to protect your loved ones and proving peace of mind for this amount of coverage without the medical has never been easier.

Let us help you secure $750k life insurance without the exam at rates about the same or less than fully underwritten polices that require the exam. We have been doing this for over 11 years and we know how.

Why use us? There is never any charge for our services, the same price get with us same price if went to the carrier directly. We are your advocate, we can talk to the insurance company during and after underwriting on your behalf. Also, we can always pivot to another company if anything comes up during underwriting, again, there are absolutely no charge for our services. That is why over 4,000 people have used us to secure their life insurance at the best rate.

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