A+ Rated Life Insurance Companies 2021

A+ Rated Life Insurance Companies

Are you looking for a current list of the A+ rated life insurance companies 2021? Then you have come to the right place. Whether you’re looking to check the rating for a specific company or want to see a full list to help you are choose highly rated insurer, this article is for you.

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A+ Rated Life Insurance Companies 2021 List

CompanyA.M. Best Rating
Prudential Life Insurance Company A+
Pacific Life Insurance CompanyA+
Banner Life Insurance CompanyA+
John Hancock Life Insurance CompanyA+
Protective Life Insurance CompanyA+
Principal National Life Insurance CompanyA+
Midland National Life Insurance CompanyA+
North American Company for Life and HealthA+
Penn Mutual Life Insurance CompanyA+
Lincoln National Life Insurance Company (Lincoln Financial)A+
Sun Life & Health Insurance CompanyA+
Minnesota Life Insurance CompanyA+
Western & Southern Life Insurance CompanyA+
Integrity Life Insurance CompanyA+
Columbus Life Insurance CompanyA+
Securian Life Insurance CompanyA+
MetLife Insurance CompanyA+
RiverSource Life Insurance CompanyA+
Pruco Life Insurance CompanyA+
American United Life Insurance CompanyA+
State Life Insurance CompanyA+
Lafayette Life Insurance CompanyA+
Allianz Life Insurance CompanyA+
William Penn Life Insurance CompanyA+
Primerica Life Insurance CompanyA+
Mutual of America Life Insurance CompanyA+
West Coast Life Insurance CompanyA+
Globe Life & Accident Insurance CompanyA+
American Income Life Insurance Company (AIL)A+
Companion Life Insurance CompanyA+
Nationwide Life Insurance CompanyA+
United of Omaha Life Insurance CompanyA+
Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance CompanyA+
Cincinnati Life Insurance CompanyA+
Allstate Life Insurance CompanyA+
Jackson National Life Insurance CompanyA+
American Heritage Life Insurance CompanyA+
Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance CompanyA+
Woodmen of the World A+
COUNTRY Life Insurance CompanyA+
Sentry Life Insurance CompanyA+
Auto-Owners Life Insurance CompanyA+
Combined Insurance Company of AmericaA+
Tennessee Farmers Life Insurance CompanyA+
Amica Life Insurance CompanyA+
National Benefit Life Insurance CompanyA+
Knights of ColumbusA+
Vantis Life Insurance CompanyA+

*Ratings from A.M. Best

Click here for a chart of of all the life insurance companies and their financial ratings 2021.

A+ Rated Life Insurance Companies Premium Chart

Below are the sample monthly rates for a 45-year old, male, excellent health on a 10-year term.

Company$500,000$750,000$1 million$1.5 million$2 million
Pacific Life$28.39 $40.03$47.00$67.95$88.90
Protective Life$28.15 $39.88$46.81$67.88$88.95
Lincoln Financial (Lincoln National Life)$29.21$39.88$48.33$68.56$88.78
John Hancock Life Insurance$29.19$41.98$48.44$69.63$90.83
Principal National Life$28.63$39.73$47.41$67.89$88.37

What Does an A+ Rated Company Mean Exactly?

An A+ rating is the financial strength grade the leading life insurance rating agency, A.M. Best has given to a life insurance company. An A+ rating means that in their opinion, the insurance company has a ‘Superior’ ability to meet their ongoing insurance obligations. The Superior category is the highest tier as seen in the chart below. The ratings from A.M. Best help consumers quickly asses an insurer’s financial strength to help them choose a company with a strong balance sheet and safe investment grade portfolio.

A.M. Best Rating Chart 2021

A+ (plus) rated life insurance compaines 2020

Is There Any Life Insurance Rating Higher Than A+?

The only financial rating higher than an A+ by A.M. Best is an A++. As of this writing, there are less than a dozen life insurance companies with an A++ rating. Some of the these companies include; New York Life, Northwestern Mutual, MassMutual, Haven Life, State Farm and a few others.  While these companies are very strong financially, their underwriting tends to be very strict and their rates are often significantly more than A+ rated companies seen above such as; Pacific Life, Prudential, John Hancock, etc. Also, both an A++ and an A+ rated company are both is the same category, Superior, the highest class. This is why many choose to go with an A+ rated company to get the best of both worlds, lower rates, favorable underwriting but still with an insurer in the highest rating category, Superior.

A+ Rated Life Insurance Companies- Bottom Line

When shopping for life insurance it’s imperative to look at the company’s financial rating from A.M. Best. A.M. Best is the foremost authority credit rating agency when it comes to life insurance.  When an insurer receives an A+ rating from A.M. Best, this means the insurer is in their highest category, Superior, for financial strength. This rating provides added peace of mind the insurance company is financially strong and will be able to protect your loved ones. The A+ rated insurers will often have the most favorable underwriting guidelines and much lower rates compared to the A++ rated companies while still maintaining the Superior financial rating.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is A Life Insurance Comdex Score?

A Comdex score is a ranking of the four main rating agencies; A.M. Best, S&P, Fitch and Moody’s. It is not a rating agency itself but averages the ratings received from the four aforementioned rating agencies. For a complete list of life insurance companies Comdex scores 2021, click on the link above.

Who Is The Highest Rated Life Insurance Company?

The two highest rated life insurance companies in 2021 are: Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company and New York Life Insurance Company, as both insurers have a 100 Comdex Score and a AAA rating. See a complete list of the triple A rated life insurance companies.

Which Life Insurance Companies Are Highly Rated But Still Have Affordable Rates?

The life insurance companies that often have the lowest rates and most favorable underwriting are A+ or A rated by A.M. Best. These are the blue chip life insurance companies. Some of these A+ rated companies include; Pacific Life Insurance Company, Mutual of Omaha, Prudential (Pruco) Life Insurance Company, Protective Life, Banner Life, Lincoln Financial with the complete list is above in the article. Each life insurance company has their own underwriting guidelines and rates, that’s why it’s important to compare rates from multiple insurers to make sure you are getting the best deal from a highly rated company.

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