Preferred Life Insurance Rate (Health) Class

Preferred Life Insurance Ratings Explained

What Is Preferred Life Insurance? The term “Preferred life insurance” refers to the second best life insurance health rating classification offered by life insurance insurance companies in the United States. The Preferred life insurance health rating classification is for applicants that are in very good health. In addition to being in very good health, the…
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Preferred Plus Life Insurance – Ultimate Guide

What Does Preferred Plus Life Insurance Mean Exactly? Preferred Plus is the top health rating classification offered by life insurance companies. Applicants that receive a Preferred Plus Life insurance rate class are those that are in excellent health, have a great height and weight (build) ratio, have controlled blood pressure and cholesterol readings, have an…
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Symetra Life Insurance Review 2023

In our Symetra Life Insurance review (Ultimate Guide), we’ll provide you with everything you need to know about Symetra Life Insurance Company and answer all of your questions including: In addition, we’ll compare Symetrea’s term life insurance rates to their competitors, go over their underwriting specialties as well provide an in depth review of who…
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Life Insurance Comdex Rankings-Top 140 Rated Companies in 2023

The Comdex score is the average ranking a company receives from the four major rating agencies in America.  The four preeminent life insurance ratings that are used include: AM Best, Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s Investors Services and Fitch.  A company must receive ratings from at least two of the four major rating agencies in order…
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Best Rated Life Insurance Companies 2023

If you’re in the market for life insurance it’s imperative that you check the insurance company’s A.M. Best financial rating before moving forward with an application.  A.M Best is the preeminent life insurance rating agency in America and their letter grade will allow you to quickly asses the insurer’s ability to meet its future obligations. …
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Best $100k term life insurance rates

How Much is a $100,000 Term Life Insurance Policy?

A $100k ($100,000) term life insurance policy is one of the most popular policies in the country today. For many Americans, especially seniors, a $100,000 term life insurance policy provides the proper balance between having enough coverage to protect loved ones while also having a monthly premium that is affordable. $100k term life insurance is…
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150000 term, no exam and whole life insurance policy

How Much Does A $150k Life Insurance Policy Cost?

A $150k ($150,000) life insurance policy is popular amount of coverage in the United States today. Life insurance proceeds are income tax free, therefore a $150,000 policy is the ideal amount of coverage for many are looking for to replace their income or cover outstanding debts such as a mortgage in the event of a…
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Life insurance comparison

Pacific Life vs AIG vs Banner Life vs Symetra Life vs Lincoln Financial vs Transamerica 2023

Below we’ll compare the premiums, ratings and important company data from six of the nation’s top term life insurance companies: Pacific Life vs AIG vs Banner Life vs Symetra Life vs Lincoln Financial vs Transamerica to help you choose the best life insurance company for you. About Company Rating Founded Terms Available Pacific Life A+…
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$400k life insurance policy cost

How Much Does A $400,000 Life Insurance Cost?

How Much Does A $400,000 Life Insurance Policy Cost? The cost for a $400,000 life insurance policy can be as low as $15 month for a 40-year old. Whether you are purchasing a policy for the first time or looking to replace a current policy, we’ll show you the best rates that are available from the…
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How much life insurance can I buy 2023?

How Much Life Insurance Can I Get 2023?

Insurance companies in America limit the total amount of life insurance you can carry on your life. This is to protect you and the insurance company. In this blog post, I’ll answer the common question of “how much life insurance can I get“ in 2023 as well as show the life insurance coverage limits guidelines.…
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