Editorial Guidelines

Editorial Guidelines

We are an independent online life insurance resource website, publisher, and comparison service for anyone looking to learn more about life insurance. Since we are independent and not owned by a life insurance company, we can offer objective information, rates, opinions, analyses, reviews, and recommendations to help the reader and consumer.

We adhere to strict editorial integrity standards. The information is accurate as of the publish date, however, always check the provider’s website for the most current information.

We update our content regularly, and all our articles and posts are written by licensed life insurance experts.

Editorial Goals

Our goal is to educate and show what options are available from the nation’s top life insurance companies from an independent life insurance agent-brokers prospective. We strive to offer fair and unbiased information from an independent life insurance broker’s viewpoint to best help the reader.

Publishing Principals

Our editorial principles are as follows:

  • Accountability and responsibility- We take responsibility for all content published on PolicyMutual.com. We are committed to guaranteeing accuracy at the publication date. We also understand the affect our content can have and take that responsibility seriously.
  • Editorial independence and integrity- Since we are an independent online life insurance resource and not owned by a single insurance company, we are able to offer unbiased third-party content and show guidelines, rates, reviews, articles, and information from many of the nation’s top life insurance companies. This allows the reader to learn what is available on the open market and to be more educated from a multi-carrier point of view.

Authority, Corrections, Accuracy and Actionable feedback policy

100% of our content is written by licensed life insurance experts with more than 14 years’ experience. We strive to only publish information that is up-to-date and accurate. If there are any errors or corrections that need to be made, please contact us here: info@policymutual.com. We will review and if there is any inaccuracies, we will update them immediately.

AI Policy

100% of the content on PolicyMutual.com is written manually by life insurance experts. We do not use the assistance of AI to write content.


We do not use any profanity on PolicyMutual.com. Our language strives to be inclusive as possible for all readers.

Diversity Policy

PolicyMutual.com aims to be equitable and provide content that empowers every reader to have more knowledge and information about life insurance from a third-party independent broker prospective.


Life insurance rates, products and guidelines are fluid and subject to change. While we strive to be current and up to date, we suggest you contact the insurance company, your agent or broker for the latest information. Also, as an independent life insurance resource website; rates, quotes, information is non-binding nor an offer of coverage.

For any questions, corrections or feedback please email: info@policymutual.com or can use the online form below.

Updated: 10/2/2023

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