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There are over 700 life insurance in the United States and each one has their own rate sheet and underwriting guidelines. Factors such as your age, coverage amount and length of the policy all affect the premiums. More specifically, your height & weight, blood pressure readings, cholesterol readings, family history, tobacco use, driving record, health…
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Pacific Life no-exam life insurance resource center FAQ

Pacific Life No Medical Exam Life Insurance Requirements

Pacific Life Insurance Company is one of the oldest, largest and best life insurance companies in the nation. Now in 2024, Pacific Life has one of the best, if not the absolute best no medical exam life insurance underwriting guidlines requirements in the county. Below we'll show why Pacific Life is our go to company…
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$5 Million Life Insurance No Exam

Yes, it is now possible to purchase a $5 million life insurance policy without a medical exam! There are currently two top life insurance companies that offer five million in coverage without the blood test, urine same, blood pressure readings or height and weight measurements. Let’s take a look at the underwriting requirements to qualify…
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Banner Life vs Pacific Life vs Primerica vs State Farm Premium Rates Comparison 2024

Banner Life vs Pacific Life vs Primerica vs State Farm 2024

Banner Life vs Pacific Life vs Primerica vs State Farm Comparison Below we’ll compare four of nation’s largest and most popular term life insurance companies (Banner Life, Pacific Life, Primerica and State Farm) by rates, ratings, term lengths available, cost index and how long the insurer has been in business. About Banner Life Pacific Life…
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12 best life insurance companies high blood pressure (hypertension) 2024, all health classes

Best Life Insurance Companies for High Blood Pressure 2024

Our guide on the best life insurance companies with high blood pressure (hypertension) 2024 was written to help educate consumers and financial advisors understand how life insurance companies underwrite hypertension. Our goal is to help everyone searching for life insurance with high blood pressure better understand how each life insurance underwrites and prices their risk…
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Family history heart disease life insurance underwriting and rates top companies

Best Life Insurance Companies With A Family Health History of Heart Disease 2024

An immediate family with a health history of heart disease can affect your life insurance rates depending on several factors. These factors include: Below we’ll put the best life insurance companies with a family history of heart disease (bypass, cardiomyopathy, heart attack, stent, etc.) and their underwriting guidelines. We’ll also post sample rates from the…
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Life insurance for dip, chew, snuff users, best companies and sample rates, non-tobacco 2024

5 Best Life Insurance for Smokeless Tobacco Users 2024

Key Points: If you are a smokeless tobacco user and are looking for a life insurance company that will not penalize you with a smoker rating, this article is for you. There are more than 700 life insurance companies in America and only a select few underwrite chew, dip and snuff users as non-smokers. Choosing…
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Smoke weed daily life insurance options

Life Insurance for Daily Marijuana Users

Daily Marijuana Use and Life InsuranceMarijuana legalization has swept the country over the past decade. Recreational usage is now legal in 23 states and the District of Columbia, medical marijuana is currently legal in 38 states.Even with the prevalence of cannabis use in United States today, life insurance companies are still cautious in their underwriting of daily…
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How much is a $200k term life insurance policy?

How Much Does $200k Term Life Insurance Cost 2024?

Are you looking for the cost for a $200k term life insurance policy? If so, you’re in the right place. Below we’ll go over the sample rates for a $200,000 term life insurance policy by age to show what is available today on the open market. These rates are pulled from several of the nation’s…
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Best 10 Year Term Life Insurance Rates In Your Sixties (60s) 2024

Best 10 Year Term Life Insurance Rates In Your Sixties (60s)

Once you reach your sixties, the children are typically grown and you may just be looking to protect your income for the next 10 years or so until you retire. Also, you may want to cover any outstanding mortgage balance. The good news is that if you are in average to good health the rates…
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