Largest Life Insurance Companies 2021

Top 25 largest life insurance companies 2021 in United States by assets. inforce. group coverage, issued

Are you looking for a list of the largest life insurance companies 2021? Then you have come to the right place. Below is a list of the largest life insurance companies for:

  • Largest life insurance companies by assets 2021
  • Largest life insurance companies by individual life insurance issued 2021
  • Largest life insurance companies by individual life insurance in force coverage 2021
  • Largest group life insurance companies 2021 in force

Individual life insurance is defined as life insurance that is purchased, owned and paid for by an individual. The policy is not tied to work, an organization or an association. Group life insurance is in reference to purchasing life insurance from and employer, organization or association.

List of the top 25 life insurance companies 2021 in America by total assets

Life Insurance CompanyTotal AssetsA.M. Best Rating
New York Life$354,132A++
Northwestern Mutual$290,602A++
Lincoln Financial$288,514A+
Massachusetts Mutual$282,006A++
Manulife (John Hancock)$277,037A+
Jackson National$274,889A+
Equitable (AXA)$222,156A+
Principal $210,903A+
Pacific Life$153,447A+
Voya Financial (ReliaStar)$150,547A
Talcott Resolution Group$123,070B++
Ameriprise Financial$113,815A+
Thrivent Financial102,221A++
Athene Group$99,556A
Sammons (Midland-North American)$89,895A+
Protective Life$88,595A+
State Farm$81,842A++
Source: ACLI (NAIC) data as of 12/31/2019

Top 25 life insurance companies in America by total individual life insurance issued 2021

Life Insurance CompanyIndividual Life Insurance Issued (millions)A.M. Best Rating
Northwestern Mutual$159,399A++
Lincoln Financial$119,146A+
New York Life$98,158A++
Prudential Financial$97,794A+
State Farm$91,330A++
AIG (American International Group)$89,794A
Massachusetts Mutual (MassMutual)$87,941A++
Principal Financial$59,626A+
Legal & General (Banner Life)$57,339A+
Protective Life$46,596A+
Pacific Life$45,852A+
National Life Group$42,478A
Manulife Financial (John Hancock)$37,263A+
Globe Life$35,089A+
Equitable (AXA)$25,126A+
Penn Mutual$24,258A+
Sammons Financial (Midland National-North American Life)$23,222A+
Zurich Financial$21,409A+
Mutual of Omaha$20,506A+
Source: ACLI (NAIC) data as of 12/31/2019

Top 25 life insurance companies 2021 for individual in force coverage

Life Insurance CompanyIndividual Inforce Life Insurance (millions)A.M. Best Rating
Northwestern Mutual$1,342,291A++
State Farm$941,683A++
Swiss Re America$857,213A+
New York Life$830,658A++
Prudential Financial$602,840A+
RGA Group$521,917A+
Protective Life$472,812A+
Equitable Holdings (AXA)$392,754A+
Pacific Life$317,902A+
Lincoln Financial$267,325A+
Berkshire Hathaway$238,433A++
Massachusetts Mutual (MassMutual)$212,651A++
Manulife Financial (John Hancock)$160,896A+
Globe Life$149,826A+
Thrivent Financial$132,890A++
Southern Farm Bureau Life Ins Company$122,232A+
Knights Of Columbus$110,925A+
Source: ACLI (NAIC) data as of 12/31/2019

Top 25 group life insurance companies 2021 in force

Life Insurance CompanyGroup Life Insurance In-force (millions)A.M. Best Rating
MetLife, Inc.$1,587,207A+
Prudential Financial$958,313A+
Securian Financial Group$637,258A+
New York Life$469,121A++
Lincoln Financial$366,559A+
Sun Life Assurance$270,010A+
Hartford Life$245,283A
Principal Financial$156,866A+
HCSC (Blue Cross & Blue Shield)$103,865A
Sumitomo Life Group$62,998A+
OneAmerica Financial$56,656A+
Mutual of Omaha$54,864A+
Manulife Financial (John Hancock)$49,731A+
Tokio Marine Holdings$43,758A++
Arkansas Blue Cross & Blue Shield$41,474A
Protective Life$40,582A+
Talcott Resolution Group$37,610B++
Globe Life$28,737A+
Berkshire Hathaway$27,239A++
Source: ACLI (NAIC) data as of 12/31/2019

Frequently Asked Questions

How many life insurance companies are in America 2021?

There are 761 life insurance companies in business in the United States as of 1/1/2020 according to ACLI.

How many life insurance agents/brokers are in the United States 2021?

According to the Life Insures Fact Book, there are a total of 349,700 life insurance agents-brokers working in the United States as of 12/31/2019.

How much life insurance do Americas purchase each year?

Americans purchased $3.1 trillion of new life insurance coverage in 2019.

How many term life insurance polices are purchased each year in America?

There were 4.1 million new individual term life insurance policies purchased in 2019 for $1.3 trillion in coverage.

How much group life insurance is purchased every year in America?

Americans purchased $1.2 trillion of group life insurance in 2019 according to the Life Insurers Fact Book.

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